Imran Haque Top Internal Medicine Specialist in North Carolina

Imran Haque works as a medical doctor at Horizon Internal Medicine situated in North Carolina at his Asheboro and Ramseur offices. Dr. Imran is highly respected as a specialist in his field with more than 15 years’ experience as a medical practitioner. He is capable of attending to a wide range of illnesses that need his expertise.


Dr. Imran Haque Educational Background


In 1998, Dr. Imran received his degree in medicine with honors from UNIBE Universidad Iberoamerican in Santo Domingo. He went on to train in the Salem Program at University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke. During his time at the university, he focused on internal medicine. After successfully undertaking the training, Dr. Haque was issued with a license which permitted the doctor practice internal medicine in North Carolina.


Horizon Internal Medicine


Horizon Medicine the facility used by Dr. Imran Haque to conduct the treating of internal medicine diseases and complications. The facility is located well in Asheboro, North Carolina. Patients that require any medical attention regarding internal medicine go to Horizon Medicine. The community around greatly appreciate the facilities and care provided by Dr. Imran and will be forever grateful.


The Horizon prides itself on being a leader in the internal medical consultation with treatment and has quickly become the choice preferred by many. As the primary care doctor due to his vast knowledge, he can diagnose most illnesses and advise accordingly on medical tests and treatment options. Imran Haque is known for not only being experienced but professional and caring.


Services Provided by Dr. Imran’s Facility.


As an Internal Practitioner, Imran Haque offers several services and treatments options. One of them being 360 Resurfacing, a laser procedure that aims to rejuvenate ones’ skin. The treatment is mostly used to treat conditions of the skin on the chest, face, and neck. The Doctor is also a weight management expert and has come up with weight loss treatments, nutritional packages and cosmetic procedures that improve the body. Dr. Haque is also a specialist in diabetes and removal of hair by laser on defective parts of the body. Imran also performs physical routine checkups with the aim of accurately diagnosing illnesses.