Compassionate care from Renown Health Group Which South Reno gets

The Summit Mall in South Reno is set to see a new addition its business and commerce cadre, with the addition of a Renown Family practice clinic. It starts with a clinic that provides general medical services with a laboratory as well. There are also plans to increase services in the future. The primary purpose and function of the clinic is to provide a comfortable and inviting environment for patients seeking services that the company is known for.

According to Dr. McCormack, medical director of Renown, the idea behind the clinic is that it should look and feel like the patient’s living rooms. Included within the facilities is a conference room where the staff can talk with patients and managers about their healthcare needs and treatment plans.

Ultimately, the plans are to have a staff of around a dozen helping patients in a facility measuring 10,000 square feet. The staff consists of different professionals with a range of skills to offer, which includes primary care physicians and nurse practitioners. The building they practice in is actually three renovated store fronts. The collaborative efforts that are in the design and construction of the building are impressive. The general contractors hired to build the clinic are Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. The architect on the project is Eric Fong representing MBA Architects + Interior Design. Forbes Engineering also has a hand in the structural integrity of the project. And, rounding out the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems is MSA Engineering Consultants.

The location of this innovation and renovation is key to its intended success, as is the population growth and improved economy of the South Meadows Area. With all the booming businesses and jobs to support growth, the need for more health care is a good sign of a steady rise in the quality of life there. This established institution is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to quality service in healthcare. Because there are no owners or shareholders in the organization the company agenda stays focused on medicine.

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