Opportunity Investments Made Easier by Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi, the founder and chief investment officer of the Kerrisdale capital management, studied Bachelor of Arts in economics at Yale University. He has been in close association with the company’s management team ever since he started the business. Sahm has managed to make his a very successful company considering that he started off with less than 1 million dollars and as of July 2017 his firm handles over 150 million dollars.

Kerrisdale capital is mostly focused on sharing research information. Adrangi ensured that this was in areas that Kerrisdale had major knowledge and expertise. It so seeks to clarify misconceptions about various companies and also to expose some of the companies with fraudulent dealings.

Kerrisdale with Sahm Adrangi at the helm of the group was able to bring up an issue in the telecommunications sector on various providers like dish network, global star network and ViaSat incorporation. The 2014 global star terrestrial low power service saw his exposure of the weaknesses of the network.

There was also a focus on the biotechnology sector where they worked with various development stage companies, writing their research findings. The companies included, Zafgen, Unilife, Barvian nordic, and pulse biosciences.

Kerrisdale was able to unmask a Chinese company that led to security enforcement measures on these companies to be more strict. The companies affected included China biotics and China marine food group among others. Sahm has also conducted researches in mining and their ways of doing business. The companies that his firm has worked with include First Majestic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals among other companies of interest.

Sahm Adrangi is also known as an activist since the time he worked with Lindsay incorporation in 2013. He enabled the company to come from a place of debt and was able to raise it to a place of financial stability. He has also worked at Longacre as an investment analyst for a good number of years. Sahm was also a key player in the bankruptcy restructuring group at Chanin capital partners.

Sahm Adrangi is also a key public speaker who has addressed people at various conferences such as the Sohn conference, value investing conference and the activist investor conference among others.

Pillars Making Richard Blair Shine in Investment Advisory Industry

Wealth Solutions has built a legacy as a leading provider of investment advisory services since it was founded nearly three decades ago. The firm is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and it offers innovative investment products that enable its clients to grow and manage their assets prudently. Moreover, Wealth solutions outperform many competitors in helping people protect their wealth against unforeseen circumstances.


Richard Blair, who is commonly known as Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, is the visionary entrepreneur behind the remarkable performance of the company. The highly experienced businessperson founded the firm in 1994. Since then, he has never turned his back in propelling Wealth Solutions towards becoming an eminent player in the financial industry.


Building the firm rivaling Wealth Solution requires a solid understanding of the demands of the investment advisory industry. Mr. Blair’s vast knowledge in wealth management and retirement plans have given him the outstanding ability to come up with cutting-edge strategies that resonate with customer needs. The mission of Richard is to equip his clients with the capacity to attain their financial goals. Therefore, Blair has developed a three-pillar approach to enable his organization to quickly assess the financial situation of clients which guides the processing of developing investment or retirement plans that sufficiently address their needs.


The First Pillar forms the foundation of the firm’s service delivery. Precisely, the pillar is fundamental in assisting a client chart a financial path. To identify a financial roadmap, clients need to understand their goals properly. This means they need to know their strengths, opportunities and risks; hence, Pillar One addresses these perspectives, giving customers the muscle to choose a clear financial road to follow.


Pillar Two is framed to help Wealth Solutions to develop viable strategies that perfectly match the goals of the clients that were brought out by Pillar Two. The investment goals and liquidity needs of the customer form the basis for developing long-term strategies.


Finally, Pillar Three addresses the insurance needs of clients. The three Pillars play a central role in helping Richard Blair maximize the returns of clients’ portfolio during peak market seasons at the same time reducing shocks in the recession period.


About Richard Blair

Richard Blair possesses over two decades experience in financial service. Upon graduation in 1993, Blair did not spend much time working for other people; he launched Wealth Solutions in 1994 as a private company to offer professional and customized financial advice. Since then, he has made great strides in helping his clients plan their retirement. Richard holds several coveted certifications in the financial industry.


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