Opportunity Investments Made Easier by Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi, the founder and chief investment officer of the Kerrisdale capital management, studied Bachelor of Arts in economics at Yale University. He has been in close association with the company’s management team ever since he started the business. Sahm has managed to make his a very successful company considering that he started off with less than 1 million dollars and as of July 2017 his firm handles over 150 million dollars.

Kerrisdale capital is mostly focused on sharing research information. Adrangi ensured that this was in areas that Kerrisdale had major knowledge and expertise. It so seeks to clarify misconceptions about various companies and also to expose some of the companies with fraudulent dealings.

Kerrisdale with Sahm Adrangi at the helm of the group was able to bring up an issue in the telecommunications sector on various providers like dish network, global star network and ViaSat incorporation. The 2014 global star terrestrial low power service saw his exposure of the weaknesses of the network.

There was also a focus on the biotechnology sector where they worked with various development stage companies, writing their research findings. The companies included, Zafgen, Unilife, Barvian nordic, and pulse biosciences.

Kerrisdale was able to unmask a Chinese company that led to security enforcement measures on these companies to be more strict. The companies affected included China biotics and China marine food group among others. Sahm has also conducted researches in mining and their ways of doing business. The companies that his firm has worked with include First Majestic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals among other companies of interest.

Sahm Adrangi is also known as an activist since the time he worked with Lindsay incorporation in 2013. He enabled the company to come from a place of debt and was able to raise it to a place of financial stability. He has also worked at Longacre as an investment analyst for a good number of years. Sahm was also a key player in the bankruptcy restructuring group at Chanin capital partners.

Sahm Adrangi is also a key public speaker who has addressed people at various conferences such as the Sohn conference, value investing conference and the activist investor conference among others.

How Adam Milstein Has Influenced the Israeli Community

Adam Milstein is a self-less businessman who is based in the United States. The real estate expert has been working in the real estate sector for decades, and he has managed to acquire a lot of wealth. His family has become very popular in the world because of what it has been doing for the Israeli communities living in different parts of the world. The businessman is the founder and chairman of one of the leading charitable organizations in Israel, known as the Adam Milstein Family Foundation.

When Adam Milstein was migrating to the US, he was not aware of the kind of future that was ahead of him. The businessman was only interested in greener pastures after serving his country in numerous ways. Adam Milstein and his wife wanted the best for their young family. When the couple arrived in the new land, they had to look for a way to earn income. However, their academic qualifications could not allow it.

Milstein enrolled in one of the top universities in the country so that he could sharpen his knowledge. The businessman graduated after a short time, and he was not able to look for formal employment in various companies. However, the fact that he was a foreigner meant that Milstein could not get a well-paying job. When Adam Milstein realized that the companies were offering very little salaries, he decided to start his real estate firm so that he could earn more and at the end of the day give his family the kind of life they were looking for.

The real estate industry has been very kind to Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila Milstein. The couple has earned numerous wealth over the years, and they have chosen to share their wealth with the needy communities in the world, especially those with Israeli origins. Over the years, the businessman has been setting up some of his resources so that he could support charity causes. Although he is currently based in the US, the businessman has kept in touch with his homeland, something that many people who have migrated to the United States have failed to accomplish and more

Whitney Wolfe weds long-term boyfriend Michael Herd

While the Bumble app was designed to help users find their true life partner, the Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe has met her match. The Tech entrepreneur married the Texas oil heir Michael Herd in a beautiful lavish ceremony conducted at the Villa Treville in Positano along the Amalfi Coast last weekend. The couple narrated their nuptials on Instagram with the hashtag #homeiswheretheherdis. The bride was in an awe-inspiring Oscar de la Renta gown for the official wedding ceremony and for the reception she wore a cream dress.

The couple first met in 2013 while they were both on Christmas vacation in Aspen. The two lovebirds connected near the slopes when Michael confessed to Whitney Wolfe that he did not know how to ski and wanted Whitney to teach him, but he was a pro skier, and that’s how their love story began.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born in 1988 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended Southern Methodist University and graduated with a degree in International Studies. She is now the founder and the CEO of Bumble. In 2014, Wolfe was named as one of the Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women under 30 In Tech. Wolfe was also listed by Elle’s among women in Tech in 2016 and 30 under 30 women by Forbes in 2017.

About Bumble

Bumble is a dating app that was founded and run by Whitney Wolfe. The Bumble offices are headquartered in Austin, Texas. This is the only dating app that allows women to initiate the first contact with men they are interested in. This dating app has grown tremendously since its inception and had over 20 million registered users worldwide, and over 50,000 new users keep joining the dating app every day. Bumble also features the Bumble BFF a platform where you can meet a new best friend, wing woman, partner in crime or workout partner. The company recently launched Bumble Bizz which enables professional mentoring and networking.

With Bumble, Wolfe wanted to transform the way dating took place on the World Wide Web. Unlike other dating apps, men cannot send the initial message after a matchup. Giving the women more power helps to take pressure off the man from thinking that he needs to do something aggressive or unique and allow the woman to drive the conversation. This results in conversations that are more respective, less aggressive and can turn into a more meaningful and lasting relationship. Bumble gives women control to take charge of the conversation and direct it as they want and more


Bumble ‘Puts Women In Control,’ Says Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of a dating app known as Bumble. Unlike other dating apps, Bumble allows women only to initiate contact. A majority of Bumble is owned by Badoo, a European dating company and as of January this year, it had amassed up to eleven million registered users. Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder back in 2012 and worked to the bone to market it making it a viral sensation.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in July 2014 and now has over a million users in the UK alone and around 12.5 million users globally. Bumble is similar to Tinder where users are required to swipe right or left depending on whether they are interested. Just like Tinder, Bumble shows its users the profile pictures of possible dates and asks them to swipe right to connect or left for no. Users are matched if they both swipe right. The only difference with Bumble is that women are the only ones allowed to make the first contact. Additionally, they only have approximately twenty-four hours to do so before the match disappears forever.

Men also have twenty-four hours to respond before the deletion of the match. The similarities aren’t a coincidence. Whitney Wolfe set up Tinder with Justin Mateen, her then boyfriend. She alleged that Tinder executives tried stripping off her co-founder position when things took a wrong turn between them. She went ahead to file a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment then resigned. However, the matter was resolved out of the courts for a reported one million dollars.

According to Whitney Wolfe, the decision to create Bumble wasn’t for revenge but to try solve real-world problems associated with dating apps. She adds that a large number of men out there suffer from fear of rejection and insecurity. However, Bumble removes this fears since they don’t need to initiate contact thus benefiting both women and men.

Last year, the app launched its new BFF function, which allows users searching for friendships to connect with other users with the same hobbies or interests. Bumble is also looking to introduce Bumble Bizz later this year to help people find new business connections.

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Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion Now Has New Articles For The HuffPost

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion spoke on a recent change that the Huffington Post made to rebrand itself as the HuffPost. Reina has been a contributor to their marketing and technology section and has spoken a great deal about branding and using video to better market your business. He’s had a keen interest in stories and is excited that the HuffPost’s name change now means that more people who are not talked about on the mainstream news have a chance for their stories to be heard. Reina says he appreciates this because this is what Talk Fusion is about; helping everyone succeed no matter the size of their business or charity group. Learn more: http://Business Technology Company


Bob Reina got the idea for Talk Fusion back in 2004 when he was touring North Carolina. He was a former police officer who left that life behind because he wanted more fulfillment in his work as well as more time with his family. He had tried several multilevel marketing jobs only to see them not work out. But suddenly while on this vacation he got the idea to send videos through email because he wanted to share with his friends how his vacation was going, and he saw how it could become a business by filling a need that wasn’t addressed. By 2007, Reina and his friend Jonathan Chen had built video email products and webRTC technology and that became the starting point for Talk Fusion. Learn more: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/02/does-the-talk-fusion-app-live-up-to-the-hype/


Talk Fusion has become a leader in web marketing technology not only because customers are able to use simple and affordable programs with powerful video technology, but also because the Talk Fusion associates program allows others to sell these products to their customers. Just recently Talk Fusion introduced free trials that give subscribers access to all programs including video email, video newsletter, web conferencing, one-on-one video chat and signup forms for websites. You don’t even need a credit card to use the free trials; just simply an email to signup with. Talk Fusion also has a giving back program that allows users to give away a Talk Fusion account to any charity they choose.

Learn more here: https://video-chat.talkfusion.com/

A Brief Look At The OSI Group And Its President – Mr. David G. McDonald

Global companies have a local nature. An organization that has branches in China, Europe, and the United States cannot carry out an operation which is one size. Cultural nuances, government regulations and the pool of talent can have an impact on the way an organization runs. In the food industry, the taste buds of the consumers are also a part of these considerations.

The OSI group has its headquarters in Aurora, and they are a global pioneer in the supply of protein items which consist of beef patties and sausage links. OSI Group also carries out the supply of items like pizza and sandwiches to foremost retail and foodservice brands. This corporation which is privately owned carries out is operation in 17 countries spread across 50 facilities. It is currently employing its local solution and global efficiency strategy so its prescience in China can be expanded.

OSI group recently celebrated 20 years in China on the 12th of September 2012. From the moment they opened their first food operation in the year 1992 in Beijing, when the company started to serve McDonald’s with food, OSI has expanded with the economy of China for 20years.

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When the Olympic Games were held in Beijing in the year 2008, OSI China successfully carried out the supply of 113 tons of five types of products ranging from pork, beef, eggs, dehydrated onion and chicken. There were zero complaints received by the company, and this was highly appreciated by the Beijing Olympic Committee as well as David McDonald OSI Group. OSI China has been the supplier for a lot of popular brands since then ranging from Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King.

David G. McDonald who is also recognized as Dave plays the role of the Chief Operating Officer and President at OSI GROUP, LLC. Mr. McDonald played the role of a Project Manager at OSI industries. He acts as the Chairman of North American Meat Institute.

McDonald has played the role of an independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods from December 2008 after the OSI group operations in Europe was acquired by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos.

Find mor about David McDonald: http://www.wattagnet.com/articles/27821-osi-group-acquires-dutch-company-baho-food

Marc Sparks-Innovative Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a very ambitious entrepreneur and has a passion for building companies. Marc Sparks graduated high school in 1975 and has had his fair share of ups and downs. He has had successful startup s and some that were not, but he was able to learn a lot over his thirty-four years of entrepreneurialism. Sparks gives his thanks to God for all of his success and feels he was born with a very keen instinct that has also served him well over the years.


Sparks handles a private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, and he has also written a book called “They Can’t Eat You,” which was hard to write as it was quite personal and close to his heart. He wrote the book in hoes that it will help those who read it to learn form not only his successes, but also his failures. It is meant to help fellow entrepreneurs to get back up again if they feel like they’ve failed in their own endeavors.


Spark has the wisdom to know that he can’t win every fight and his lack of fear when it comes to losing has given him the courage to become who he is today. He relies on a lot of important qualities such as passion, faith, tenacity, savviness, focus, and a sense of urgency when it comes to being an entrepreneur. He also believes that it is very important to treat others the way that you want to be treated.Learn more : http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Sparks has a passion for helping others and contributes to the cause by being involved with a homeless shelter called The Samaritan in Texas. He has been very involved with the shelter since the eighties and continues to be a big supporter of the cause. The shelter houses 160 people and many of the residents go on to graduate. Sparks is also involved with the Habitat for Humanity and has even constructed over one dozen homes.


Sparks also supports a network of high schools known as American Can! Academy. Through his foundation, Sparky’s Kids, he has contributed over a thousand brand new computers in order to help break the cycle of poverty.


Sparks enjoys being outdoors and likes to hunt, fish, bike, golf, working out, and going on a good adventure. He is also very competitive in business and in sports. Sparks has traveled the world in just twenty-three days and has traveled to intriguing places like Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Morocco, China, Tibet, Agra, Xi’an, the Serengeti, and India. Sparks gets most of his inspiration from travelling the world than anything else and applies it to his life. Sparks will continue to create success wherever he goes and won’t give up.Learn more : http://sparktankdfw.com/


The Tale of Timothy Armour

Simply by the utterance of his name, investors from around the world pay homage to Warren Buffet. What separates Warren Buffet from other investors includes his natural ability to invest. Unlike many investors, Buffet never received formal education regarding how to invest. Investing remains something that cultivated inside of him at a young age. Currently, he remains one of the richest men alive. Also, he remains one of the richest men of all time. Moreover, Warren Buffet has an investment strategy that leaves numerous investors puzzled. In addition, his strategy remains based on simplicity rather than complexity. Buffet’s strategy includes buying investments and holding them for a long time. Moreover, Buffet remains so confident in his ability that he challenged a group of hedge fund managers and learn more about Tim.

In fact, he wagered $1 million dollars for charity if he failed to achieve better investment returns than they would. As a result, Buffet proved how right he was and how wrong they were. As a man with several decades of experience, it remains second nature for Warren Buffet to provide insight in regards to investing. However, many investors fail by not taking his sound advice. Fortunately, Armour differs from these types of investors. As a result, Timothy Armour worked his way to the top of his company Capital Group. For over 32 years, Armour worked for Capital Group. Currently, he serves as the company’s chairman. As chairman of the Capital Group, Armour remains highly educated. Moreover, he acquired his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

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Mike Baur One of the Leading Business Men and Entrepreneur

Mike Baur who is an MBA holder and an executive MBA holder from University of Rochester New York and Berne respectively, has become one of the renowned entrepreneurs and business executives. He started off working at a Swiss private Bank maneuvering his way from being a commercial apprentice to a board of directors member. In fact, this was the stepping stone to his profession as a leading businessperson.


What makes him one of the best is the fact that he found his way to the top within a period of less than 20 years. Thus, he is not only a top rising business person, but also one who is impressive. Once he understood the business, he strived to become the best. At first, he started by making investments in startup Firms. He got into numerous business which was successful. It was the successes that he reaped out of the Startup Businesses that made him quit his job to concentrate on the investments that he had made.


ScanSource is one of the firms that experienced fast growth from the beginning. It, in fact, finalized its IPO in 1994 and is a Fortune 1000 corporation that makes sales of over $3 billion. The firm started expanding internationally since 2002, and now it has 45 location throughout the globe. Another business investment that seems to be doing well is the ScanSource Inc., whose headquarters are found in Greenville, SC. Baur worked as a chief executive officer of the firm since 2000. However, now he is just a member of the board.


Baur also invested in startup firms. He is known to devote his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and also sports Swiss Startups in monetary and mentorship. He is also known as a Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup associations. He was one of the participants that were in the START Summiteers, which was a start-up pitching match at the University of St Gallen.


At the age of 39, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with his partners Liver Walzer and Max Maister which was a great success. Baur is the one who was responsible for the fundraising and funding of the Swiss Startup Factory, enabling the business to start and run smoothly. The company was commenced in December 1992 and had five employees. The firm has now grown and has 43 administrative centers worldwide and over 2,100 workforces. It is from this business success that he has been known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs.



Arthur Becker can help your company achieve its goal

A distinguished venture capital group, with concentration on realty investments, including preliminary Biological Tech establishment, Madison Partners, LLC, is headed by Mr. Arthur Becker. Arthur is the former company CEO, including the prior Chairman, of the company, Zinio, LLC. The group Zinio, is the foremost electronic newsstand, around the globe. Before establishing this business project, Mr. Arthur Becker, was imbued with the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, of the conglomerate, NaviSite. This exciting corporation, was featured by NSADAQ, for instituting tech services online, as well as, online hosting in the United Kingdom, and also in the United States, during the years, 2002 to 2010. The institution has groups that can be found, globally and they are famous for distributing a massive amount of services, online, in almost every business market. As of the year 2011, NaviSite is owned by the Time Warner corporation.

According to ideamensch.com, during his stint at NaviSite, Mr. Arthur Becker expressed a deep interest with modern technology and the arena of realty. Mr. Becker then, maximized his center of attention, by dedicating a diversity of realty development initiatives, all over the cities of Miami and New York. This fascinating venture, brought Mr. Arthur Becker, to adhere his interests on preliminary Bio Technology markets and how to undertake such an interest, with a proper quantity of financial activity, with attention on establishing a positive viewpoint from the public.

Mr. Arthur Becker has a great extent of curiosity, in a collection of contemporary innovations, within the preliminary biological technology arena, specifically, in the arena of cancer studies. Mr. Arthur Becker does not have formal medicinal instruction, but he does possess a vast sum of industry experience, to sustain his attention on an array of technological advances.

Mr. Arthur Becker is deeply aware, that the intrinsic chemistry that exist in the midst of business contacts, is absolutely central, to the positive conclusion of a business undertaking. From his miscellaneous industry activities, Mr. Arthur Becker learned, that his propensity to evaluate and issue aid to, administrative staff, is very important to a worthwhile production’s victory.