Israel’s Former Ambassador to Britain Opens Up About His Success

Daniel Taub, the former ambassador to the United Kingdom from Israel, said in an interview that he loves reading books and learning more information. He said that he recently read a book by Yehuda Avner, who was also an ambassador from Israel the UK, and it was extremely interesting. It talked about how the world would have turned out if Israel was created ten years earlier.


He also said that one thing he regrets about his time as an ambassador is not going to the theaters in London as often as he wanted to with his family. He was just so busy with his work and with improving the relationship between the two countries that he had no time, but during his last few days of holidays in London, he made sure to go to a lot of theaters with his wife and kids.


Daniel Taub is a well known workaholic. He works most of the time but that does not mean that as an ambassador, he does not have time to meet with various people. He met with people who were his friends, as well as people who were not his friends. He said that as an ambassador, there is a very good chance that if you want to meet with someone and you invite them to a meeting that you will actually get to meet them. That is one thing that he did during the times that he was not working.


He said that he loved meeting with people who influenced public opinion, meaning people who were media commentators, leaders of communities, and so on. He believes that you should meet with people who oppose your views as well. Sometimes, he would promise to keep the netting private so that they would not be unmotivated to meet with him. He developed relationships with a lot of people, and he hopes that those relationships will continue.


Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Israel when he was a young man. He served as a combat medic in the Israeli Defence Forces and became a speechwriter for the President of Israel at the time, Chaim Herzog. He is the second ambassador to the United Kingdom from Israel that was actually born there. He appreciates both countries, he told the Queen when he presented his credentials, and wants to help both of them. Learn more:

Sussex Health Care, A Sure Fit For Everyone

Sussex Healthcare, a company dedicated to providing healthcare to a wide variety of people. Their head office is located in West Sussex and the company has about twenty different facilities throughout Sussex and London. They have been devoted to providing one-on-one care for members of their community for well over twenty-five years.

Regardless of age, Sussex Healthcare offers a wide range of services for all ages. As stated on their website, Sussex Healthcare states, “We aim to be the leading provider of residential and nursing care in the Sussex area. Central to this objective is a determination to provide the highest quality of care based on the needs of the individual and delivered by a first-class professional team.” The company believes in a personalized experience from patient-to-patient, resulting in patients that can feel that they are truly cared for.”

For the elderly, Sussex Healthcare recognizes that there is a need for their social skills to be nourished, along with their intellectual and emotional needs. They also aim to ensure any physical disabilities have their requirements met. Contrary to the typical home, Sussex provides their elderly with a safe, comfortable place where they can feel respected and live as normal of a life as possible. The home’s staff are well-educated and there to support the patients. They offer art therapy among many other activities such as crafts, music, and cooking.

Sussex Healthcare offer all types of therapy and again, unlike others, they nourish their patients with their foods and their trained chefs ensure that no one leaves unhappy. It does not stop here, young people with disabilities are also provided for, the centers have hydrotherapy available and they also provide respite care for families who need it. Teaching them crucial life skills such as shopping for groceries and providing them with work experience they may not receive otherwise. They also ensure that all patients have a voice, particularly if they cannot communicate and need an alternative way to do so, Sussex will help them develop it.

Neurological care and care for patients with Dementia are both provided as well and Sussex Healthcare works closely with teams of respected specialists to ensure that loved ones may rest at ease at the thought of the patient being provided with quality care. Sussex Health Care goes above and beyond to bestow a one of a kind patient experience and it shows in everything they do.

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Pillars Making Richard Blair Shine in Investment Advisory Industry

Wealth Solutions has built a legacy as a leading provider of investment advisory services since it was founded nearly three decades ago. The firm is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and it offers innovative investment products that enable its clients to grow and manage their assets prudently. Moreover, Wealth solutions outperform many competitors in helping people protect their wealth against unforeseen circumstances.


Richard Blair, who is commonly known as Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, is the visionary entrepreneur behind the remarkable performance of the company. The highly experienced businessperson founded the firm in 1994. Since then, he has never turned his back in propelling Wealth Solutions towards becoming an eminent player in the financial industry.


Building the firm rivaling Wealth Solution requires a solid understanding of the demands of the investment advisory industry. Mr. Blair’s vast knowledge in wealth management and retirement plans have given him the outstanding ability to come up with cutting-edge strategies that resonate with customer needs. The mission of Richard is to equip his clients with the capacity to attain their financial goals. Therefore, Blair has developed a three-pillar approach to enable his organization to quickly assess the financial situation of clients which guides the processing of developing investment or retirement plans that sufficiently address their needs.


The First Pillar forms the foundation of the firm’s service delivery. Precisely, the pillar is fundamental in assisting a client chart a financial path. To identify a financial roadmap, clients need to understand their goals properly. This means they need to know their strengths, opportunities and risks; hence, Pillar One addresses these perspectives, giving customers the muscle to choose a clear financial road to follow.


Pillar Two is framed to help Wealth Solutions to develop viable strategies that perfectly match the goals of the clients that were brought out by Pillar Two. The investment goals and liquidity needs of the customer form the basis for developing long-term strategies.


Finally, Pillar Three addresses the insurance needs of clients. The three Pillars play a central role in helping Richard Blair maximize the returns of clients’ portfolio during peak market seasons at the same time reducing shocks in the recession period.


About Richard Blair

Richard Blair possesses over two decades experience in financial service. Upon graduation in 1993, Blair did not spend much time working for other people; he launched Wealth Solutions in 1994 as a private company to offer professional and customized financial advice. Since then, he has made great strides in helping his clients plan their retirement. Richard holds several coveted certifications in the financial industry.


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