The Tale of Timothy Armour

Simply by the utterance of his name, investors from around the world pay homage to Warren Buffet. What separates Warren Buffet from other investors includes his natural ability to invest. Unlike many investors, Buffet never received formal education regarding how to invest. Investing remains something that cultivated inside of him at a young age. Currently, he remains one of the richest men alive. Also, he remains one of the richest men of all time. Moreover, Warren Buffet has an investment strategy that leaves numerous investors puzzled. In addition, his strategy remains based on simplicity rather than complexity. Buffet’s strategy includes buying investments and holding them for a long time. Moreover, Buffet remains so confident in his ability that he challenged a group of hedge fund managers and learn more about Tim.

In fact, he wagered $1 million dollars for charity if he failed to achieve better investment returns than they would. As a result, Buffet proved how right he was and how wrong they were. As a man with several decades of experience, it remains second nature for Warren Buffet to provide insight in regards to investing. However, many investors fail by not taking his sound advice. Fortunately, Armour differs from these types of investors. As a result, Timothy Armour worked his way to the top of his company Capital Group. For over 32 years, Armour worked for Capital Group. Currently, he serves as the company’s chairman. As chairman of the Capital Group, Armour remains highly educated. Moreover, he acquired his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College.

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