Mike Baur One of the Leading Business Men and Entrepreneur

Mike Baur who is an MBA holder and an executive MBA holder from University of Rochester New York and Berne respectively, has become one of the renowned entrepreneurs and business executives. He started off working at a Swiss private Bank maneuvering his way from being a commercial apprentice to a board of directors member. In fact, this was the stepping stone to his profession as a leading businessperson.


What makes him one of the best is the fact that he found his way to the top within a period of less than 20 years. Thus, he is not only a top rising business person, but also one who is impressive. Once he understood the business, he strived to become the best. At first, he started by making investments in startup Firms. He got into numerous business which was successful. It was the successes that he reaped out of the Startup Businesses that made him quit his job to concentrate on the investments that he had made.


ScanSource is one of the firms that experienced fast growth from the beginning. It, in fact, finalized its IPO in 1994 and is a Fortune 1000 corporation that makes sales of over $3 billion. The firm started expanding internationally since 2002, and now it has 45 location throughout the globe. Another business investment that seems to be doing well is the ScanSource Inc., whose headquarters are found in Greenville, SC. Baur worked as a chief executive officer of the firm since 2000. However, now he is just a member of the board.


Baur also invested in startup firms. He is known to devote his time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and also sports Swiss Startups in monetary and mentorship. He is also known as a Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup associations. He was one of the participants that were in the START Summiteers, which was a start-up pitching match at the University of St Gallen.


At the age of 39, Baur co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with his partners Liver Walzer and Max Maister which was a great success. Baur is the one who was responsible for the fundraising and funding of the Swiss Startup Factory, enabling the business to start and run smoothly. The company was commenced in December 1992 and had five employees. The firm has now grown and has 43 administrative centers worldwide and over 2,100 workforces. It is from this business success that he has been known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs.