The Best Food for Your (Dog) Buddy

When choosing a dog food, it can all be very confusing. Which brand is the best? Should you choose grain free or with grain? There is a lot to consider when choosing dog food for your beloved furry friend. Beneful is one of the best dog foods on the market and it comes in both wet and dry foods, grain free, and treats. It is good for any and all dog breeds, no matter the size. There are different varieties dry of Beneful which include: with real beef, with real chicken, with real salmon, healthy weight, healthy puppy, and playful life. Beneful also has many different varieties of wet food including beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. With all the tasty ingredients, dogs really enjoy all the different types of food Beneful offers.

Beneful can be found at all major retailers including, Walmart, Target, Petsmart, Pet Supermarket and many more. Many of these retailers will accept coupons that you can find at Benefuls’ website. Beneful’s dry dog food ranges in price from a small bag (3.5 lbs) at $5.99 to a large bag (40 lbs) at $33.98. The wet food prices range from a single can at $1.77 to a ten pack at $19.65.

Next time you are in need of dog food, consider giving Beneful a try. There is bound to be a wet or dry food that matches your dog’s’ needs that they will greatly enjoy. Also, paired with coupons, Beneful will fit into any person’s budget.

WEN Heals Hair Through Natural Ingredients

Damaged and unmanageable hair needs special care that provides nutrients and high-quality results. Chaz Dean has created and launched a hair care line called WEN. Wen delivers exactly what the hair needs to go back to being healthy and beautiful once again.

WEN hair care contains many products all of which are completely natural and consist of absolutely no chemicals. One of the most popular and most used products is the sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner. This product has been raved about ver since it was made available for purchase. The cleansing conditioner was created to act as a substitute for five other products you might be using. It takes over the role of shampoos, detanglers, and all kinds of conditioners (deep, regular, leave – in). 5 – in – 1 products are still new to the market, and the cleansing conditioner by WEN is one of the best ones.

The WEN cleansing conditioner is unique for many reasons. For instance, it is parabane and sulphate free, and it contains no harsh chemicals. Those compounds are ingredients in most other hair care products and do the exact opposite of truly taking care of your hair. The hair usually gets covered in silicone which makes it look better but underneath it is still damaged.

WEN cleansing conditioner contains Chamomile Extract, Glycerin, Rosemary Extract, Panthenol, and Wild Cherry Bark. These ingredients give the hair nutrients to heal. They have soothing properties for the scalp if it is to try and irritated; they lock in the moisture and make the hair soft and manageable. After the first few uses, the hair becomes stronger and visibly less damaged. For the average person, the ultimate results are reached no later than within the first three weeks of regular usage of the sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner.

For more information about WEN Hair, just click here.